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Forward a Message

You can forward a message, just a single message in a conversation, or an entire conversation.

To forward a message or single message in a conversation:

1. Open the message. If the message is part of a conversation, open the conversation and select the message to forward.
2. At the bottom of the message, click Forward.

3. Enter the email addresses to which to forward the message, and add any notes in the message field.

Note: If you don't want to forward attachments, uncheck the box next to the attachment's file name, below the Subject field.

4. At the bottom or top of the message, click Send.

To forward an entire conversation:

1. Open the conversation.
2. At the right of the conversation view, click Forward all.

3. At the bottom or top of the message, click Send.

Note: The recipient receives a single message containing all messages in the conversation, listed in order of oldest to most recent.