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Managing Groups

Setting up groups in Gmail is quick and easy. There are 2 different ways to create groups.

Option #1 - You can use this method to create new contacts or to add contacts who are members of either CUC or PAA domains. In the Contacts screen you select New Group and enter a group name in the box that pops up.

Option #2 - This option is best suited for contacts that are already members of your contact list. Select the contacts you wish to include in the group and choose the Groups button on the top of the screen. You can add these contacts to existing groups here or create a new group. Check off the groups you wish to add your contacts too or walk through the process of creating a new group using the Create New option.

Populating Groups

You can add new, existing and CUC/PAA contacts to your groups. To add new or existing contacts to a group open the group and under Add to "GroupNameyou can type either new contacts or auto complete for existing contacts. Do not forgot to click Add on the bottom of the drop down.

To add CUC or PAA domain members you will need to use the Search Contacts button. Once the desired contact is displayed click the check box, go to the Groups drop down menu and select the desired group.

Deleting Contacts from Groups