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Email Moderation

If you are a moderator of one of CUC's official mailing lists (or you created your own list, and want to moderate), these are the instructions on how to approve / deny / wait on a message

1. Enable moderation

First for a moderation to work, it must be enabled on the list settings (this step is not needed on CUC's moderated lists). If you are creating your own list, go to More -> Groups, then select the desired options

2. Moderate messages

If you are a designated moderator of an email list or you have been given proxy access to a Moderator Account, this is what you need to do:

Access the delegated account - from the top right, select your email address, and then choose the Moderator account.

You will see an email similar to the following: (click on image to be able to see)

When you open the message, this is what you have: (click on the following image)

When you click on the approve or reject link, the following page will appear

When you click any message, the tool-bar will change to the following:

The meaning of the new icons is as following:


 Approve message - allow it to go through    


 Approve message and allow the sender to always send without moderation


 Delete message, and ban sender (mark as spam)


 Delete message

Extra topics - moderation

Sometimes you don't have access through the email for the moderation tab. In this case, this is the way to get to those messages:

1) Go to the google groups page. From there, select Browse All

2) Here you should see all the groups. Click on any of the names to access that specific group

3) From this interface it is easy to add to Favourites. Just click on the star besides the group's name

4) Once in favourites, it will be easy to access (left column, under Favourites)

5) When you are in the group itself, if there is any pending moderation, there will be a yellow link that can take us to the moderation screen

6) And from the moderation screen, just moderate as usual!