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Transfer from GroupWise

Emails can be transferred from your old Groupwise account, but only if they are on the INBOX

So before running these steps listed here, be sure that you have all the emails inside your INBOX in Groupwise (not organized in folders)

Step one

 - Login into your Gmail account

Step two

- Select the gear at the right, and choose mail settings

Step three

Select Accounts Tab, and click on the link Add a mail account you own (under the second section, Get mail from other accounts)

Step four

Add required information on the account. The email address should be on the format:

username@ (yes, with that weird number at the end, no spaces)

Step five

Here you need to change some options.
  1. POP server, that needs to be only the number (remove mail. from the POP server box)
  2. Select "Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server" (just in case something goes wrong)
  3. Unless you want to have all the previous INBOX into gmail INBOX, select the last two checkboxes, Label incoming messages and Archive incoming messages. In this way, you will have a new label with all your previous emails!

Step five

Save changes, but select in the following screen: No (you don't want to send email from username@ account!)

Step six

Wait, It usually takes around 5 minutes (or more, depending on your INBOX size in GroupWise) for the content to be pulled to gmail

(you will see initially a Checking email... indication under the Accounts tab)

After you refresh (usually F5 or <ctrl-R>), you will see the new Label with the old Groupwise emails