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Transfer gmail accounts

If you move between PAA and CUC, or you just want to transfer your saved emails from your CUC email to your personal email, you don't need to lose your old emails! The process can be a little lengthy, but is not difficult to do. Here are the steps:

Let's suppose that we are moving from to

Forwarding rule

1) Connect to Gmail from web interface with both accounts ( and

2) Setup a forwarding rule from the old email to the new one
So in the, setup a rule (gear -> settings -> forwarding and POP/IMAP) to add a forwarding address to

3) Confirm to allow for permission on the new account to forward (go to your account and click on the confirmation email)

4) Go back to forwarding and Pop/IMAP settings on the old email, and select "Forward a copy of incoming email to" (new email address)

This process will make any new email on your old inbox go to the new one. 

Now for the actual transfer of emails:

Transfer emails

1) Enable IMAP on both accounts (Gear -> settings -> Enable IMAP)

2) Use an email client (I like Thunderbird which is part of the Mozilla project) to connect both accounts.
Both of the servers would be the same - Remember to use SSL, and the port is 993. The user should be in the form xxx@domain (like

2) Then just copy / paste from old email to new email

If you have any questions please contact Computer Services!