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Transferring GroupWise contacts

You can transfer groups, individual contacts or entire books, the steps are similar for all three items. The export step cannot be done in Webmail.

  • Open the GroupWise address book and browse to the desired item. You will need to export the item to an easily accessible location (desktop, h:drive, etc.). Right click on the item (group, book or contact) and select Export. A Choose Export File dialog box will open. You will need to choose the location and file type (you must use VCard) for your item.
  • Once you item is saved login to Gmail and go to Contacts. To import the item into your general contacts select Import Contacts... in the left column. In the dialog box you will need to Choose File and browse to the save location. At this point you have the option of adding the item to a group as well. Select Import and wait for the import to complete.
  • You can also import the item directly into a group, you can either create a new group or open the existing group you wish to add to. Under More actions you can select Import...  which will open the same dialog box as mentioned above.