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If your iPad gets broken

All the iPads purchased by Computer Services are covered by an extended Apple Care Warranty (for details on the program look at  http://www.apple.com/support/products/ipad.html).  Apple Care covers the device for two years and covers up to two incidental hardware damages (like broken glass) during that period.
It is our current policy that this charge for replacing a damaged device will be the responsibility of the person the device is assigned to.  You may either follow the procedure below by yourself (and inform Computer Services when the new unit arrives so we can assist with setup) or set up an appointment for one of our technicians to work through the process with you.
You can choose to take the product to an Apple Store, or have a new one shipped to you. In both cases, there is a charge of $49+GST for the replacement.

To start the process you just need to contact Apple, you can do it from the following link:

When you go on the service options (https://expresslane.apple.com/ServiceOptionAction.action) you will see the following screen:

Just select Schedule a Call. The serial number of your broken iPad will be required

Then you will be asked for your shipping address. Have your credit card ready! They will charge your credit card $49+GST, and do a hold for the value of the iPad (around 600) That hold will be removed when you ship back the broken iPad (in the same box that they provide, there is no extra charges for the shipping)


Do a backup!!! How to do a backup depends on what you have on your iPad. You do not need to backup apps (they are linked to your apple account), and they can be reinstalled. What is going to be lost if you don't have a Backup, is the data associated with the apps (like documents stored locally, etc)
The other thing that you want backed up, is probably your photo collection.
For music and/or movies, only the ones you bought from the Apple Store can be transferred with your account to your new device. For the rest (like you copied from a CD), you can use the original machine that you used to transfer them to the new device

The best way to do a backup, is with iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer. To do that: connect the iPad with the USB cable, right click on the iPad name, and select backup. After it is done, you need to eject your iPad.

When you get the new one, connect to the same computer with iTunes, and select the option for Restore the old iPad.

You will need to contact Computer Services so we can help you setup the right profile for CUC and to keep track of Warranty information.


In case you are going to get reimbursed on the amount for the exchange ($49 + GST), this next paragraph is important. 
Apple will not send any invoice initially with the replacement unit. What you will need to do is to keep the shipping label (the one they sent to you with the replacement iPad). There is some important information on that label. After Apple receives the broken unit, they might take up to 7 business days, and then send you the invoice. So just in case, you might want to keep the shipping label... and call Apple to check if they received your broken iPad (if they don't receive your broken iPad in 15 days, you will be charged the price of a new unit)