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Video Surveillance SocialEyez

This is a little page on how to operate the Surveillance System installed at Student Success Lounge.

The system is a Lorex LH110 ECO, with 4 extra cameras. Four colour, four B&W. 

The system is located at the DNS name socialeyez.cauc.ca ( internal IP)

Windows Remote View

To be able to connect to the device, the ECO client (v10 as of now) should be installed on the PC. This software is windows only (copy attached to this page)

(password is projector's password)

This is the main window after a successful login.

An administrator will have some extra options. Even as an administrator you will not have the option to change time/date or do a firmware upgrade (must be done from the VCR itself)

iPhone/Android remote view

The app to install is called Lorex Mobile ECO (on the iPhone). There is no native app for iPad

From this screen, there is one camera that is selected (red box around) From there, you can select cameras 1-4 on that corner. 
If you want to be able to see cameras 5-8, you need to select the two arrows on the lower row (right of the gear icon), then you can choose the other cameras

Review of past events

To access recording, you need to select Playback link (top of the Client viewer)

From the calendar (top right), you select the date, then under the File list, select Alarm (second drop box). On the calendar, only the events with recordings are in a white bold font.

This is the view after you search for Alarms on a specific date:

Download Video

The download video is done from the same Playback window. The process for selection is the same as before (date / alarm / search). It is important that for the download to work, you must STOP the video playback, you cannot just pause it. You will get a weird error: Other user downloading now.

After you select the clip you want to download, just press Download ONLY ONCE. You will get the blue line under the video playback moving, but no image. After the download is done, this is going to be the message with the location for the video:

IMPORTANT: This file cannot be player with a "normal" video player, because this is a H.264 video format. There are two ways to play it: Use the Lorex Playback software (actual link http://www.lorextechnology.com/downloads/security-dvr/LH110-Series/Lorex_Player10_V1_0_1_14.exe) or use the video converter (http://www.lorextechnology.com/downloads/security-dvr/LH110-Series/AVIGenerator-V1.8.0.0.exe)

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