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Video Surveillance Hideout

This is a little page on how to operate the Surveillance System installed at the Hideout in the Cafeteria

The system is a Lorex LHD208000 , with 8 cameras. 

The system is has the name of  hideout.cauc.ca which can be used on and off campus.  (internal  ip address is which is NATted to external

Windows Remote View:

To be able to connect to the device, the client should be installed on the PC. It is available here: http://www.lorextechnology.com/downloads/security-dvr/LH150-Series/ECO_STRATUS_SERIES_CLIENT_PC_v1_1_1175_0.zip

Once installed, run, and the initial screen should be filled in with the details as shown here (IP Address can also be used):

This is the main window after a successful login.

If logged as the Admin user, then you have full control and can change any settings.

iPhone/Android remote view:

The app to download from the App store and install is called Eco Stratus HD. Once installed you can set up the device for internal viewing as shown:

Next, set up a device for viewing when external to campus:

Here is a view of the cameras once connected: